Rich Township Transportation Additional Information

Wheelchair & Handicapped Riders

Please Note: We cannot enter your homes! All wheelchair and hamdicapped riders who need assistance must be accompanied by a person who will aid them to and from the bus. Riders needing extra assistance must provide an escort to accompany them to their destination and the return trip.


  1. Within Rich Township: $3.00 One-Way, $6.00 Round-Trip. Ten (10) Ticket Books are available.
  2. Outside of Rich Township: Medical Purposes Only, $6.00 One-Way, $12.00 Round-Trip.
  3. Medicaid is accepted for transportation to medical appointments.
  4. We also assist in processing RTA Senior & Disabled Passes
  5. Rides through our Pace VanPool Program are provided for low income residents with prior approval from our General Assistance Department.