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The Illinois Township Association of Senior Citizen Services Committees awards Rich Township at its 2023 Annual Awards Breakfast at the Township Officials of Illinois Educational Conference

  • 2023-2024 Supervisor of the Year Award Presented to Calvin Jordan   

  • 2023-2024 Elected Official of the Year Presented to Calvin Jordan      

  • 2023-2024 Innovation Senior Program of the Year "The Man Cave"     

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Supervior's Message
A Message from Supervisor Calvin Jordan

Dear Residents,


I am overcome with dual emotions. I am hopeful for the fresh possibilities that the new year has in store for us as a Township. Moreover, I am gratified for all that we have achieved this year—and, oh, what we have achieved! At the outset of 2022, we were just beginning to focus on our new normal after two years in the shadow of COVID-19. I could not have imagined that a year that began with cautiously optimistic efforts to regain a sense of normalcy would culminate with our beloved Township being named Township of the Year. 

Collectively, our dedicated staff, Board of Trustees and constitutional officers worked tirelessly to not only maintain but exceed the level of service that Township residents have grown to expect. Additionally, we have strengthened connections with the individual municipalities that comprise the Township and established strategic collaborations with various area businesses and agencies. 

I am most proud of our ability to forge partnerships at all levels of government. We have a strong and productive working relationship with Cook County and the State of Illinois. Our residents’ needs are being heard and amplified at the highest levels of government. 


Rich Township is rich in services, and it shows. Whether it is property tax help, financial assistance, safe roadways or transportation to and from appointments, our Assessor’s Office, Road District and Highway Commission, General Assistance/CEDA and Transportation departments are committed to providing core life essentials and resources to our residents. 

We are guided by a “people first” mentality, which has enabled us to serve the needs of our most at-risk residents. This is evidenced by the yeoman efforts of our Food Pantry staff and volunteers who assist families struggling with food insecurity as well as our Senior Services Department, which is committed to supporting the unique needs of our growing senior population and residents with disabilities.

I am pleased to announce that we recently established two groups focused specifically on aiding the Township’s seniors—a Senior Advisory Council and Mental Wellness Steering Committee. We take seriously our responsibility as stewards of the wellbeing of our residents. We also understand that we have a broader responsibility to serve those in need beyond the borders of Rich Township. To that end, our Township held a three-day water drive in September to aid families during the height of the water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi. Thanks to the generous donations of our residents and volunteers, we were able to send several 53-foot trailers filled with water to Jackson. 

We remain steadfast in our commitment to those who call Rich Township home. Our diversity, our passion for service, our collaborative relationships and our unwavering dedication to our residents are our strengths; we will continue to play to those strengths as we plan for the expansion of services in 2023. The resilience of our Township staff, the vision of our Board of Trustees and leadership team and the ongoing support and participation of our residents are in no small part responsible for our success. Township of the Year is a designation that we all should wear proudly. 

Best Wishes,

Calvin Jordan

Supervisor, Rich Township

Calvin Jordan
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Scholars across Rich Township are awarded in recognition of their academic achievement, scholastic involvement, public service and dedication to your community.  They emblemize the spirit of the Honorable Timothy “Tim” Bradford.

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Rich Township Supervisor Calvin Jordan, the Board of Trustees, and Constitutional Officers had the distinct pleasure of recognizing and rewarding the outstanding achievements of four exceptional students by presenting them with the prestigious Tim Bradford Memorial Scholarship. This prestigious award recognizes their excellent achievements and commitment to their schools and community.

The recipients, chosen from four local high schools, were recognized for their impressive student government participation, good citizenship, and service to their schools. Their dedication and hard work have earned them this well-deserved recognition, and we are proud to honor them with this award.


The recipients are as follows:​  Kamari Taylor Garrett (Rich Township Stem Campus), Jaxon Hainey (Rich Township Fine Arts Campus),

Diamond Lee ( Southland College Prep), Lorin Wright (Homewood-Flossmoor High School)

Congratulations to the awardees!

Congratulations Awardees


Jaxon Hainey

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Diamond Lee 

Lorin Wright


Kamari Taylor Garrett

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