General Assistance

The General Assistance Program provides a monetary award to Rich Township residents of at least 21 years old who are unemployed and not receiving any other form of income.

A husband and wife may be eligible separately if both are unemployed. However, if one spouse is working, a budget will be worked out to determine if the other spouse is eligible.

A person age 18, 19, or 20 and not living with a parent, or a person married and living with his or her spouse, residing with a parent, is eligible to apply.

Generally, clients with children under 18 will be eligible only for emergency assistance. They are advised to apply for T.A.N.F. (formerly known as Public Aid). Eligible clients must be recertified on a monthly basis by providing the necessary proof.

To Apply
Applicants may come to the Township office and bring a driver's license or other form of identification with correct address, and a Social Security card. We also require proof that the applicant has applied for unemployment compensation or disability.

To Recertify
To be re-certified each month, clients must participate in workfare one day a week, show evidence of job hunting, and attend job training workshops and seminars sponsored by the Township.

The maximum assistance is $230 to be used for shelter, utilities, food,  and transportation (in specific situations pre-approved by the Director of General Assistance). We also refer clients to local agencies for assistance with other services including physician and dental services, prescriptions and emergency services.


Food Stamp Program (SNAP)

Illinois Department Of Employment Services

Community and Economic Development Association (CEDA)

Meet the Staff

Mark Mason,  Director

Stan Latting,  Case Manager